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We will offer ideas to "jump start" your thinking and hope you will share your ideas as you learn how to use web 2.0 tools. 


If you've ever kept a diary or a journal, you know the basics of blogging. On a regular basis, you write new entries (we call these posts). Blogging serves much the same purpose as traditional journals, but they go one step further. Blogs can be a place to reflect and organize your thoughts with others via comments on your posts. It's a way to start a conversation with people who are interested in the same ideas you are!




There are many different platforms to choose from! Shop around and see which site appeals best to you.





Blogs created with these platforms are more versatile and can accommodate more customization. They have all the basic features, but also allow advanced users to tinker “under the hood” if that’s important to you. Choose one of these if you’re looking to kick it into high gear!


*For this course, we will use BLOGGER to make our blogs.* Please watch this tutorial video: https://youtu.be/rKVQKQxxUlk to refresh your mind, if you've forgotten from class.


Ms. Darnell's blog: Awaken Librarian.


 | Blogger




On your blog, tell me a little about yourself, your interests, how you plan to use the blog to better yourself in an academic way and something inspiring. Make sure your background is engaging and inviting. No crazy colors or fonts!



  • Biography (25 pts.)
  • Interest/Favorites (25 pts.)
  • Plans to use the blog (25 pts.)
  • 2017 Christmas List OR an inspirational story (25 pts.)
  • 100 pts. TOTAL you must have all parts included. 


If you add pictures, embed a video and use a hyperlink within your blog, then you will receive a bonus daily grade of a 100! Links/pics/video must be working and school appropriate! Yes, you must have all 3 to get the free 100!


Email your blog to duchessofmycastl@gmail.com. You can post the URL for your blog here as a comment.


****ALERT!!!! I cannot express how important it is to logout and follow directions! I've hacked several blog accounts:




Comments (20)

KellyT said

at 8:29 pm on Sep 20, 2017

its cool.

AlexiaY said

at 8:25 pm on Sep 21, 2017

Cool I have now made my blog and you can check it out on blogger, my blog name is Random Blogs.

KellyT said

at 9:26 pm on Sep 21, 2017

ok sure alexia.

Jean Darnell said

at 8:32 am on Sep 25, 2017

Alexia, please copy the URL address at the top of your blog and paste it into the comments here.

AndyH said

at 7:27 pm on Sep 27, 2017

Hi Ms.Darnell this is Andy from C5 that's the link to my blog->https://andyhotcheetos.blogspot.com/

Jean Darnell said

at 9:53 am on Oct 2, 2017

Andy, I'm proud of you thus far. However, you didn't follow ALL the parts of the rubric. Please go back and fix it. I don't want you to lose points on a great job...so far! :)

AndyH said

at 6:59 pm on Oct 2, 2017

Ms.Darnell, do I start another blog?And thank you for liking my blog:))

Jean Darnell said

at 9:50 am on Oct 3, 2017

You're welcome, but your blog is missing #3 and #4 from the rubric. Add those two items so that you can receive full credit!

AndyH said

at 8:38 pm on Oct 3, 2017

Ms.Darnell here is my blog->https://andyhotcheetos.blogspot.com/
Thanks for the help and hope you enjoy it :))))

RemyW said

at 12:46 pm on Oct 4, 2017

LupitaR said

at 1:01 pm on Oct 4, 2017

KellyT said

at 2:01 pm on Oct 4, 2017

Hi its me kelly im done wit my blog this is my blog link click to see blog

NiaR said

at 2:09 pm on Oct 4, 2017

Hey Ms.D i just finished mt Blog so here is the link https://nialikesdance.blogspot.com

KarenS said

at 2:11 pm on Oct 4, 2017

hey Ms. D here's my link: https://karenlovestech.blogspot.com/

much love <3

AlexiaY said

at 6:33 pm on Oct 4, 2017

Hi I have finished my editing and updating it. I added a few new things to it. Here's the link again,just in case. http://collingswort.blogspot.com/2017/09/entroduction.html

GabrielR said

at 11:19 am on Oct 6, 2017

Hi. This is Gabriel R. Here's a link to my blog: https://eequalsmchammertech.blogspot.com/

AlexiaY said

at 5:34 pm on Oct 6, 2017

Hello again Ms.Darnell, I have made my second blog and you and anyone else can go check it out. http://collingswort.blogspot.com/2017/10/hobbies.html

JaseP said

at 9:57 pm on Oct 10, 2017

Jean Darnell said

at 11:19 am on Oct 13, 2017

Hey Ms. D. This is me. Here's the link to my blog: http://www.awakenlibrarian.com/

AlexiaY said

at 10:01 pm on Oct 14, 2017

Hey Ms.Darnell, I will continue my blog. Here's a new post of mine: http://collingswort.blogspot.com/2017/10/plans.html

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